Clients choose Hunsucker Goodstein because of our depth of knowledge and experience in our practice areas and because we use tools to reduce the overall cost to resolve our clients' most difficult problems.

We Are Driven to Be Outstanding in Our Practice Areas –  We’re Not Trying to Do Everything for Everyone

We do not pretend to be the best at providing legal advice for every case for every client.  Our firm focuses on doing outstanding work in our primary practice areas – environmental law, litigation, insurance coverage and securities arbitration. Our focus on these specific areas of law has the added advantage of minimizing potential conflicts of interest.

Making the Problem Smaller by Utilizing Other Sources of Funds

We understand how to solve problems by maximizing the value of payments from insurance, indemnities and contributions from others. This includes an understanding of the effect of these types of payments on the attorney’s fees and costs incurred by our clients to address their problems, as well as their role in reducing the cost of the solutions to our clients’ problems.

Regular Use of Alternative Fee Deals

Alternative fee agreements that do not depend on standard hourly rates have been an important part of our representation of clients since the start of our firm in 1996. Some of these arrangements include: success or contingent fee based only on results; reduced hourly rates with a success fee component; flat fees—monthly, annual, project-based or milestone-based; and, discounts based on full and timely payment of invoices.

Difficult Cases – Outstanding Results

Hunsucker Goodstein's primary focus is on achieving great results for our clients—as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We start by working strategically with our clients to define their goals. Then we pursue a strategic plan that focuses on achieving those goals. We continuously look for opportunities to get to resolution sooner.

Our attorneys have handled some of the biggest cases in our practice areas with integrity and have obtained nationally recognized, outstanding results. We would be delighted to share these results or share a reference willing to talk about the job we have done for them.

Our depth of knowledge, experience and successes resulted in a national reputation for success in environmental law and insurance coverage for environmental problems.