Hunsucker Goodstein Negotiates Client’s Settlement with the United States and the State of Wisconsin at a $1.5 Billion Superfund Site

Hunsucker Goodstein represented one of six parties who entered into a $54 million dollar settlement with the United States and State of Wisconsin to resolve their liability for certain federal government, state government and tribal claims related to historical PCB contamination of the Lower Fox River and Green Bay. The settled claims relate to discharges of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) into the Lower Fox River, originating from the manufacture of carbonless copy paper from 1954–1971 by Appleton Coated Paper Company and NCR Corporation in the Appleton area, and from the recycling of that paper by some paper mills throughout the Fox River Valley. Cleanup costs and natural resource damages have been estimated by the United States to total $1.5 billion. As part of the settlement, the six settling companies and municipalities have agreed to pay $54 million for cleanup and natural resource damages and will receive protection against the claims of the non-settling parties. The settlement must be approved by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.


Practice Area: Environmental Law