Hunsucker Goodstein has in-house document management and electronic storage and retrieval specialists with advanced capabilities in electronically-stored information, organization, management and digitization of paper records. We often work with outside vendors who help control the cost of e-discovery. We can help to cost-effectively and safely navigate today’s evolving requirements and protocols for e-discovery, email retrieval and record retention. Hunsucker Goodstein has the capabilities to assist our clients in managing, organizing and retrieving pertinent paper and electronic records. We routinely and efficiently manage production of our clients’ electronic information and paper records while minimizing expensive litigation of discovery motions.

Hunsucker Goodstein develops efficient and cost-effective e-discovery solutions that are tailored to the needs of each client and case. We use our extensive experience in e-discovery and litigation to fully utilize the latest and most cost-effective e-discovery tools, ensuring that discovery efforts are fully aligned with overall litigation and project objectives. We provide quality services and cost savings for our clients by maintaining capabilities of key information and document management tools, including database development, hosting, and long-term management and storage.

We have e-discovery expertise in:

  • Assessing a client’s ESI (electronically-stored information) through the working knowledge of EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model) and the EDBP (Electronic Discovery Best Practices), as well as the Sedona Conference
  • Assessing the cost factors of discovery
  • Serving on e-discovery teams
  • Ensuring compliance with the Federal Rules and other court requirements for ESI
  • Educating attorneys and clients on e-discovery best practices
  • Drafting and communicating litigation hold procedures
  • Identifying and facilitating the best technology tool for each particular case
  • Assisting in the collection, processing, review, analysis and production of ESI
  • Serving as liaison between the legal team, technology personnel, vendors and records management personnel
  • Overseeing and implementing trial preparation and attendance at trial as litigation support
  • Selecting and managing vendors for computer forensics
  • Recommending best state-of-the-art technology tools for each case
  • Setting up document review protocols
  • Constructing and managing document databases